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Winslow Diaries #3

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~ from the diary of winslow, last name unknown ~

[Old newspaper cutout: New Tribune London, date illegible]


Most of London was destroyed last night in a surprise military air strike which followed the detonation of several high caliber bombs (including inside St. Pancras station). The attack has not yet been claimed but Coalition forces are believed to have been involved.

At the time of writing, there are unconfirmed reports of military vessels docking off the coast of Portsmouth and Brighton. Readers have also called to report gunfire near the old Eurostar tunnel, which collapsed in the late fifties and was since thought in-operational. Sc… [illegible]

Prime Minister Barrow’s whereabouts are uncertain, as are those of most of his staff. Citizens are urged to flee North as invading forces are reported to [page is torn]

By unanimous decision, the reporters of the New Tribune will continue to report on developments until this is no longer possible.

If you are reading this, good luck and God bless us all.

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