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Winslow Diaries #2

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~ from the diary of winslow, last name unknown ~

Went to meet Tom and Angie today, we hung out at the arcade. At one point Tom looked like he wanted to kiss me. What. The. Hell.

On the way home near Piccadilly I walked past a group of Academy boys and one of them spit at my feet! I used to be jealous of kids who went to school there but changed my mind, they all turn into weirdos with their badges and smug faces. Idiots!

Curfew is earlier every week, we have to be inside by 7pm now. My dad says that attacks are becoming more frequent near the outskirts. Our neighbour said that a few days ago the military police took out a whole building suspected of harbouring terrorists.

Enough for tonight, I’m exhausted! At least tomorrow it’s my birthday.



My birthday was great – Tommy, Angie, Jill and even Maggie came over! Basically I went across the street to her place yesterday and invited her over. She didn’t say anything but smiled at me and showed up today wearing a nice dress. Dad was a bit pissed off that I went there without his permission but I think that’s just because he worries too much, she’s actually nice, you just have to accept she doesn’t talk much. At all, actually.

Anyway we played charades and it was a lot of fun… Dad got me a super old portable video-game as a present. It’s called a “GameBoy” and it’s super cool, especially the sound! He’s worried that someone will see me with it (it’s kind of a collector’s piece and since they closed the borders this type of thing is worth a lot of money).

I had a great day, sweet 13 :)



Grounded, AGAIN! Dad caught me outside after curfew, he went into a fit…

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