Bad Poetry

Our Time (Decline)

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It was the age of the thirty-year-old intern
Of the brides with wrinkled faces
The single moms and divorced stepdads
With their brand new soulmates, one after another
Kids passed around like hot potatoes
Every other weekend
It was the age of me, myself and I
Of the endless parades on social media
The calculated selfies and airbrushed smiles
Bikini photos, expensive cars and cliché hashtags
When everything was made public
Except who we really were
It was the age of student loans and credit bubbles
Of pornography and suicide bombers
The triumph of capital over labour
Bailouts for the rich, austerity for the poor
The prime-ministers of shame and our tabloid overlords
Guiding our collective conscience
The ideals of great Men
Dissolved and long forgotten
It was the age of decline
And nobody realised that we were
As we’ve always been
At war with ourselves
It was the beginning of the end
And no one understood that we were
More than ever before

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