Bad Poetry


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My brain floats in a sea of dopamine
Drifting in the ether
Into the bright kaleidoscope of addiction
Eyeballs, the size of planets
Follow my wistful flight
And the cycle continues
Always building on itself
The wanting comes in waves
Foam against the tumbling cliffs
Of my failed resolve
Anticipation rushes through my veins
Seeking the daze and the spiral; then
Everything disappears
Time extends, unfolds and unwinds
The beautiful bliss
Promises of everlasting escape
That end in a fleeting second
With awakening comes realisation
A permanent sense of loss
Good intentions on thinning ice
Pleasure turns to longing and pain
Open sores and crystallised scars
A frail body in the dark corner
The abundance of all things
Except who I used to be

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