Micro fiction

Nothing Kid

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The thirteen-year-old is locked inside one of the restroom stalls, listening to the noises of comers and goers while making time pass in his head. He comes here during recess because he doesn’t really have any friends. His name is David and he excels at disappearing.

His schoolmates call him “cat breath” even though he vigorously brushes his teeth every morning. They draw cartoons in which he is decapitated, raped or otherwise humiliated. One day a teacher caught one of these being passed around and made a big deal out of it, which only made matters worse.

The girls are generally nice but say “ew” in the rare occasions they speak of him. It’s ok though, he wouldn’t know what to talk about with them anyway. Mostly he just keeps to himself now.

David goes home every afternoon and comes back every morning with his gums still bleeding.

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