Micro fiction

A Happy Ending

1 minute read

Intense pain before I understand what is happening. The man pushes the blade into my stomach and my back crashes against the glass door. Blood gushes out of me as he elevates me into the air, my skin and tissue splitting open like paper. Holding his hands, I try to pull the knife back out but my strength abandons me. He is an animal. I will die now. Before things fade to black I see Meeks, gun pointed at his head, running at us in slow motion like in the movies.

I don’t die. Ambulance, hospital, home. We become town heroes. Months pass before out of nowhere I throw a glass across my living room. I see Meeks, we say our goodbyes. “We got him,” he says. People tell me I look thin. I meet a girl, we go on a date. I never see her again.

Life is on fast forward and I can’t wait for the good bits to come.

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