Micro fiction

Hipster Superpowers

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“So, what’s your superpower?”

“It’s a bit hard to explain really. I can look at someone and tell you what they’ll regret about that specific moment in time. Like, what they’re doing right now, I can see what they’ll be sorry about later. Sort of like fortune telling, but only of what people screw up.”

“Outstanding. Tell me, what do people regret the most in life?”

“That I cannot say, I can only see individual moments. But I can tell you that people often regret not saying certain things. Good things. Not saying sorry, for example. Letting moments slip away. Not telling your family that you love them and have someone die the next day. That sort of thing.”

“Ok. What will I regret the most about this conversation?”

“You’re such a smart ass aren’t you. But I can tell you, a few days from now, when you realise I was telling the truth, you’ll regret not asking me the right question.”

“Which is?”

“Whether I love you. Whether I want to stay.”

“And? Do you?”

“Yes. Very much.”

“Well then, I better kiss you before I regret not doing that as well.”

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